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Our Pilates studio

The PilatesWerft in Oberrieden ZH is small but exquisite!

The Pilates reformer studio is located above the rooftops of Oberrieden, from where you can enjoy the view over the beautiful Lake of Zurich while training.

In the elegant Pilates training room you will find a Reformer, High Chair, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Foot Corrector, Breath-a-cizer and other small Pilates equipment and tools.

A look in the big mirror supports self-awareness and self-correction. Stylishly designed changing area, toilet, and shower are available for your use.

Cosy bath towels and delicately scented shower utensils are provided. There is parking in front of the house.


Boutique Pilates Studio mit Reformer und anderen Pilates-Geräten von Andrea Bachmann am Zürchsee in Oberrieden, PilatesWerft
PilatesWerft Oberrieden; mit Reformer Training in mit Andrea Bachmann Online und Studio Pilates-Personal Training
Ausbildung klassisches Pilates zeitgenössisches Pilates mit Andrea Bachmann, Reformer, Mat, PilatesWerft in Oberrieden am Zürichsee
PilatesWerft Pilates Studio Coaching mit Andrea Bachmann in Oberrieden vor Ort und online
Pilates Training in Kleingruppen mit Andrea Bachmann PilatesWerft Oberrieden Horgen Thalwil Zürich Zürichsee
Pilates Coaching, PilatesWerft Oberrieden, mit Andrea Bachmann Zürichsee, Horgen, Thalwil, Zürich
PilatesWerft: Pilates Studio Oberrieden mit Reformerraum; mit Andrea Bachmann
Pilates Studio in Oberrieden bei Zürich Personal Training und Kleingruppen PilatesWerft; Pilates mit Andrea Bachmann
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