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Your Pilates Teacher

Andrea Bachmann Pilates Lektionen am Zürichsee in Oberrieden und Wollerau

Andrea Bachmann
Owner, Pilates teacher and coach

With thorough precision and a discerning eye, Andrea quickly identifies physical strengths and weaknesses to curate a personalized regimen for achieving physical balance, strength, and well-being.

Trained as a dancer in London and New York, Andrea values precision, lines and elegance in her Pilates sessions. As a trained high school teacher, she emphasises teaching and learning strategies so that her clients can safely and regularly incorporate their exercises into their everyday lives.


At the London Contemporary Dance School and the Ailey School in New York, the Pilates method was introduced to Andrea at an early age through dance. She became one of the first Pilates trainers in Switzerland: Andrea earned her certificate to teach on all Pilates apparatus in 2003, with 450 hours of practical training at Pilates Exercise, Zurich, as well as degrees in anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Since then, she's been regularly attending teachers' training courses taught by the most distinguished experts from all over the world.

Andrea's classical Pilates training is for Pilates beginners and experienced students alike. She is passionate about teaching prenatal and postnatal Pilates to offer women safe and effective training for this phase of life. Andrea is the right contact for athletes and dancers who want to perfect their skills with specific Pilates exercises.

Andrea studied English and  German studies as well as Contemporary Dance at the University of Zurich and the University of Kent. She also earned the postgraduate teaching diploma for upper secondary education at the University of Zurich and has been working part-time as an English and German teacher for several years.

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